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Asia Videos
Asia 16 – One And One
Asia 17 – Once Again
Asia 18 – Beautiful Sunday + Season In The Sun
Asia 19 – Don’t Know Why
Asia 20 – Autumn Leaves
Asia 21 – Tinh Linh
Asia 22 – Day Dream
Asia 23 – Chi La Giac Mo Qua
Asia 24 – Secret Place
Asia 25 – I Love You Baby
Asia 26 – Rhythm Of The Rain
Asia 27 – The Year Of The Dragon
Asia 28 – Eternal Love
Asia 29 – Toi Nho Ten Anh
Asia 30 – I’ll Dream Of You // Never On Sunday
Asia 31 – Together Again // Khuc Nhac Vui
Asia 32 – Siren
Asia 33 – Paper Lantern Night
Asia 34 – Only Time Will Tell
Asia 35 – Does He Know
Asia 36 – Thuong Anh
Asia 37 – Crossing Over
Asia 38 – My Destiny
Asia 39 – Khuc Ngac Ngay Xuan // Xuan Hop Mat
Asia 40 – Stay A While
Asia 41 – The Chase
Asia 42 – Sukiyaki
Asia 43 – No Turning Back
Asia 44 – Without A Trace
Asia 45 – Beyond The Sea (Bien Xanh)
Asia 46 – Middle Of No Where
Asia 47 – In My Fantasy
Asia 48 – May Lang Thang
Asia 49 – Joe Le Taxi
Asia 50 – Tinh Thu Cua Linh
Asia 51 – Trish’s Medley
Asia 52 – Anh Cu Hen
Asia 53 – Above And Beyond
Asia 54 – Dieu Gi Do
Asia 55 – This Is The Time (All Alone)
Asia 56 – Kimi Ga Suki
Asia 57 – Ice Queen
Asia 58 – Tell Me Why
Asia 59 – Lien Khuc Elsa
Asia 60 – Se Co Mot Ngay
Asia 61 – Mau Mu, Anh Mau Ao Em

The best of Trish #1 – All My Favorite Songs
I Never Thought
Paper Lantern Night
I’ll Dream Of You
Season In The Sun
All This Time
Don’t Know Why
Toi Nho Ten Anh
Once Again
I Love You Baby
Tinh Linh
Eternal Love
Big Big World
Autumn Leaves
Chi La Giac Mo Qua
Day Dream
My Destiny
Rhythm Of The Rain
Together Again
Secret Place
The Year Of The Dragon

DVD Video Trish
A Day With Trish
Faith In Ecstasy
Crossing Over
Deep In My Heart
Stay A While
Seal It Forever
If You Only Knew
Xuan Hop Mat
The Chase
The Day You Went Away
Does He Know
My Turn To Cry
Only Time Will Tell
Lonely Night
Somewhere In Time
SBTN Interview

Trish MTV Video
Trish MTV Video
No Turning Back
Letter From The Moon
Without A Trace
Up And Down
Beyond The Sea (Bien Xanh)
Lie To Me
In My Fantasy
Like No Other
Middle Of No Where
Such A Girl
May Lang Thang
Thuong Anh
Joe Le Taxi
Too Little Too Late
Tinh Thu Cua Linh
Ever After
Trish Medley
Trish’s Crib
Not My Day
Bloopers and Outtakes

Don’t Know Why
Secret Place
I’ll Dream Of You
The Best Of Trish n°1
Merry Christmas
Waiting For You
Tinh Thu Cua Linh
Shades of Blue

Trish Booklet 2003


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