Stylish-T Closed

22 04 2011

I just want to say that I decide to close Stylish-T because of lack of passion (yes T_T I don’t update the bloggie very often and I’ve grown up to like other kind of music too). I have fun spending time working on S-T and sharing some information about Trish since 2006. I should have said this earlier instead of making viewers wait until the next update. I’m sorry =(

Also before creating this blog, I used to have a forum called “Trish’s World” (not to confuse with the fake official website that someone made) that was also closed.

I won’t delete the blog. It’s still precious to me. Visitors can check out the pictures, archives, videos that I’ve post up since the past 5 years. Hope you guys remember that this is the second layout of S-T and my most memorable. ^.~ (The first one is messed up now…)




Update 10.06.14

14 06 2010

Hi everyone!

As you can see, I don’t update very often… and sometimes I lose track of the news. If you have a Facebook account or a Twitter account, you can follow Trish closely.

Well have a nice day!

Update 10.03.27

27 03 2010

Alright, this is a massive update for someone who hasn’t been following in Vietnamese Entertainment for quite a long time…!

Green for today. It’s spring. A little cold and a little warm. It also means season of allergies T.T

The update starts from :

– Trish’s New Business – by Mary from Vietchannel who kindly posted up pictures of Trish and Mai Tien Dung
– 4 videos of On The Go with Trish! I couldn’t post up the video from Youtube because I’m unable to view the videos on Au Lac Oi. (I guess it’s my antivirus that blocks it.)
– 2 DVDs released from Trung Tam Asia (Asia 28 and Asia 19)
– A little update about Trish & Cardin’s performance on Asia 65
– A picture of Trish holding the Viet Beauty magazine
– A post on a CD contest from Trung Tam Asia

This is all for today. I don’t know when I’m going to update next. T^T so please bear with me.
I’m also going to update the tags because I rarely do or practically never do =X

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Contact me

29 01 2010

I know that I’m somewhat late in news so if you have any suggestions or news about Trish, click on “Contact me”.
I’ll be happy to reply or post up some news that I wasn’t able to catch up.



22 01 2010

I’m sorry that I didn’t update anything for weeks! I thought that I post up a hiatus post but it ended up as a draft.(RAWR)

Well check out tomorrow. I’m going to update this blog. News and probably old news that I couldn’t post on time!

Don’t forget to watch the latest Asia video! It’s already out! Mermaid Trish is waiting for you.

NEW NEW NEW ! Asia 64 is now Da Vu Quoc Te 4

25 09 2009

Don’t you think it’s an awesome new

Asia 64 AD poster

Asia 64 AD poster

Slow update? I AGREE

18 07 2009

I’m sorry, there are new news lately T^T . You would catch them at the forums!