Update 10.03.27

27 03 2010

Alright, this is a massive update for someone who hasn’t been following in Vietnamese Entertainment for quite a long time…!

Green for today. It’s spring. A little cold and a little warm. It also means season of allergies T.T

The update starts from :

– Trish’s New Business – by Mary from Vietchannel who kindly posted up pictures of Trish and Mai Tien Dung
– 4 videos of On The Go with Trish! I couldn’t post up the video from Youtube because I’m unable to view the videos on Au Lac Oi. (I guess it’s my antivirus that blocks it.)
– 2 DVDs released from Trung Tam Asia (Asia 28 and Asia 19)
– A little update about Trish & Cardin’s performance on Asia 65
– A picture of Trish holding the Viet Beauty magazine
– A post on a CD contest from Trung Tam Asia

This is all for today. I don’t know when I’m going to update next. T^T so please bear with me.
I’m also going to update the tags because I rarely do or practically never do =X

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