*Whisper* Whisper CD, Trish’s 6th album

20 10 2009

Trish is working hard on her album, trying to finish it for this winter!

Random facts:

1. She can’t live without her Coffee Beans

2. She spent days and nights in the studio.

3. She spent days finding the right words for her songs.

4. Photoshoot for her upcoming album was this Monday ( October 19th, 2009) and she looked pretty. (Pictures are on Facebook) She took pictures in the middle of no where (YESH! NOT IN THE STUDIO!!!!!!)

5. One of her song is called “Twilight dream”. (That means she is a Twilight fan!)

Well, I’m going to try to update a little bit this blog despite being busy. I’ll probably upload some pictures (backstage) of the photoshoot. “Private” pictures won’t be revealed on the blog. You can see them if you’re Trish’s friend on Facebook.

Trish is NOW updated (Twitter+Facebook+Myspace(don’t create an account for Myspace if you don’t have))




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