Be the next Trish!

23 04 2009

Trish is busy doing her photoshoot at the moment so I’m announcing this news for you and Trish will add more details later. She had talked about it on SBTN earlier and you might try to find her interview with Victoria To Quyen as soon as someone uploads it up on youtube.
The announcement is: Trish is looking for a local Californian little young girl (10 to 12 years old) who has the passion for singing. Trish would train and produce a CD for you, if you are selected! What you have to do is make a demo video tape of yourself singing and send her the link to watch it, either on youtube or whatever type of video that you have is fine. You might send your demo to

If you have any question, please post them here so I can reply for everyone to see as well. Good luck!!!!




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