SBTN Christmas special

4 01 2009

It was a week ago, on Christmas‘ Eve day, (I was away from the comp and tv that day) I learned there was a Christmas special on SBTN: Asia singers performed in the special show. Trish sang “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”. I wonder if anyone has caught her on tv. I’ll post up the video if someone has uploaded it somewhere… Woot found! Sad, I expected it to be live.

Starts at 6:08 (double click on the video if you want to see on Youtube website. The user uploaded the entire show. Ah my Christmas spirit is back even though Christmas is passed.]




One response

5 01 2009

Woot! Fake snow!!! ^o^ Oh crap, I just realised what she was singing was the song that I loathed when I performed it with school. O.O;; Brings back memories…. Nuuuu! Haha, but yeah – I also expected it to be live. Man. x-x;;

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