Update as of November 30, 2008

1 12 2008

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time! Geeez, sorry about that. A lot has been going on and I apologize for not keeping you updated. I guess all this hacking and online stalking business really turned me off from the internet. It definitely made me put up my guard/walls and close myself off for a while.

So let me start off by telling you that I found out who was causing all the commotion. I’ve been debating if I should just tell you who it is. Hmmm, well I’ll let you know it’s a male in his mid 20’s who lives in Orange County. After many months of investigating, me and a team of experts found out who was hacking me and my friends, posting lies on the internet, threatening and harassing me, spreading gossip and meddling in my personal and business life!!! I took this person to court and WON a restraining order against him!!! BTW, after all the evidence that I have, this person still denies the fact that it is him! When I know without a doubt in my mind that HE DID DO IT!

OK well that is that, but if anything else happens with this hacker I will definitely let you guys know. If YOU happen to see or hear anything new, please let us know here on the forum. According to the restraining order, he is to stay away from me even online and he can’t even email me or else he will be arrested if he violates the order! Please, please let me know if you know anything.

Asia 59’s Elsa Medley was really fun yet stressful!!! I absolutely loved those two songs from Elsa but was a little nervous to sing it since there were so many hard french words to pronounce and sing in one phrase. I studied Elsa’s version long and hard and still was worried when it finally came time to record. After I finished an all French version of the song it was time for stage rehearsals! The stairs were really wobbly and scary up there! Yikes, I’m not afraid of heights but in heels and a long heavy dress, who knows what can happen. I have to tell you that my dress looked great on stage but was a nightmare to walk in! Especially down the stairs. It was super super heavy because of the train and it kept dragging the front bodice down because of the weight! Also, at the last minute Chi Thy Van wanted me to write English lyrics and re-sing it with English lyrics TWO days before the live show!!!I went straight to the recording studio after a long day of rehearsal at the theatre to re-record the song. I ran into Anh Truc Ho at the studio and he just laughed at me because I looked so frazzled. I was trying to perfect my English translation and also memorize the lyrics! I spent so long memorizing and singing the French lyrics that I was getting confused: 0 LOL! When I look back, all I can do is laugh. Everything worked itself out and turned out fine. The stairs, the dress, the French and the English!

As for the last Asia video 60 in Long Beach, CA on November 8, 2008 I had a pleasant time working with Thai Doanh Doanh as usual. She’s such a nice and sweet person! We sang a new original song written by Truc Ho!!! OMG! I was so excited and honored that he let us sing his new song! He asked me to write English lyrics, so we can sing half Vietnamese and half in English. When we finally got into the studio to record I think Doanh Doanh and I were a bit nervous and anxious not to disappoint the Great Truc Ho! We really wanted him to be happy. We both spent countless hours recording just so it could sound as close to perfect as we can get it. In the end, Anh Truc Ho was very happy with our performance and the final recording. Sheeew! Thank goodness!: )

I am also in the endless process of writing new songs for myself and for other artists. I would be honored and happy to have these singers sing one of my songs!!! You will definitely find out soon who these artists are in the near future. I definitely respect them for their talent and artistry. And it’s always interesting to hear how different artist interpret and deliver my songs!! I think I’m more excited than the artists: ))

I love keeping myself busy with different projects, shows and life. I hope you continue to be interested in what I do and I will be forever grateful!! I said earlier that I put up my guard but in the end I will always continue to do what I love, music, fashion and art! TTYS!

PS: Many many thanks to Brian for everything you have done for me! I will be eternally grateful. Also, thanks to Trammer for continuing to be such a great friend!

Love and Thanks!




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