Update 08.10.11

11 10 2008

Asia 59 has released! Grab your copy! I saw the video on Youtube but it’s no synchronized D= So I’m not going to post on S-T.  And then there’s a user who had posted up the entire show on Youtube, but I’m not going to post it up. I wish I had the dvd in my hands so I can post it up hehe but sorry I haven’t had it yet.

Here are the updates from the past few weeks and today:

Lyrics : from Shades of Blue, Tell Me Why, Lien Khuc Elsa, Lie to Me, Like No Other, May Lang Thang

I am going to complete to the lyrics section soon… so don’t be scared if you only see a bunch of lyrics when you visit Stylish-T

All About Trish: 2 pictures of Trish from Asia 59
Asia News: Asia 59 poster, songlists, fan music awards, Asia 60

I hope you all know that I update VERY slowly. So one day you see S-T death and then on another day you see a bunch of news… >_> that’s normal.




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