11 10 2008

Duet with Thai Doanh Doanh
Music & Lyrics by Trish
Produced by Sy Dan

Round and round and up and down through the rain and snow,
Thunder clouds can bring you down, bitter and so cold.
Lightning strikes and thunderstorms, when it rains it pours.
Sunny days will come again as the world will turn.

Birds are singing, skies are blue, flowers are in bloom.
Take this time and look around before it gone too soon.
Here one day and gone the next, the setting of the sun.
The turning, turning hands of time, stopping for no one.

Like a carousel goes round and round.
We are always up and down.
Turning never slowing down.
Our carousel goes round and round.

We say hello and goodbye, sure as day and night.
What goes around will come around, try and hold on tight.
Karma sets your destiny, could be bad or good.
Life is what you make of it, it all depends on you.

Life goes on, round and round. As we spin on our
Carousel, carousel. Life is like a carousel.




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