New & future releases for summer 2008

13 08 2008

I know that I haven’t updated the blog for a while but I’m going to do it for a few times. I promise myself that I’m going to be more dedicated to my study than wasting my time and having fun on the net. I will try my best to update it. Just expect that it will happen that I won’t update for a whole month.

So for this summer, Asia takes their time to release some new products to please all the Asia fans!

Starting from old to new…

Asia 4 released an album that features all the songs they sang on Asia videos.

Asia 4 – The Greatest Hits

01. Medley: Bad Boy Blue – Asia 4
02. This Is A Time (All Alone) – Evan, Trish
03. Do You Want It – Asia 4
04. Tình Thư Của Lính – Asia 4, Trish
05. The Break – Asia 4
06. Shake – Asia 4
07. Hello – Evan, Chosen
08. PRETTY WOMAN – Asia 4
09. Đám Cưới Nhà Binh – Asia 4, Ánh Minh
10. Và Tôi Cũng Yêu Em – Asia 4, Chosen
11. Medley: Winter Wonderland, Santa Clause Coming to Town – Asia 4

Other picture:

back cover

There are also other products (non featuring Trish) :  Anh Còn Yêu Em, Hài Kịch Collection 3, Dù Chỉ Một Lần Thôi, Từ Khi Biết Yêu Lần Đầu and Câu Hát Tình Quê.

And then in June, I remember I posted the cover of “Thuong Anh” the album that has all the songs of the Asia 58 video. On that album, Trish only appears on the cover only. She was part of Le Nguyen’s performance where you can see some female artists wearing the clothes designed by Thai Nguyen. (Well we can also say that Le Nguyen’s song and Thuy Huong’s song are all the songs that Trish sang in all previous War theme videos.)

Back cover of Thuong Anh

I guess this album was released at the same time as Giọt Buồn Không Tên and Kẻ Ở Miền Xa.

Anyone want to karaoke? Asia released the karaoke version of Asia 58!

Asia Karaoke DVD 45 – Tiếc Thương

credit to : troioibengoc @ vietshowbiz

Later.. Khoc Tham and 2 wonderful old videos: Việt Nam Niềm Nhớ and Giã Từ 1997

credit to : takecontrol @ vietshowbiz

Finally, fans will be able to watch Trish’s first presence (One & One) on Asia on their on tv or computer! Well I know Brian uploaded the video on TRISHt.COM but now, you can watch the entire show in good quality.

And now, for all Cardin fans, 2 new products to cherish your heart. Cardin released a compilation of his best songs on dvd and his 3rd album “Va Hom Nay… Now I Know”

Cardin – Va Hom Nay…Now I Know

credit to : takecontrol @ vietshowbiz

01. Intro/Hail Mary
02. Sell Out
03. Va Hom Nay
04. Tham Yeu
05. Tinh Da Lo featuring: Dinh Huan
06. Mai Yeu Nguoi Thoi Featuring: Chosen One
07. Loi Noi Tren Moi
08. Tell Me Why Featuring: Trish – Doanh Doanh
09. Bad Boys Blue Medley
10. Mai Yeu Nguoi Thoi/Lounge Session Feat. Lam Nhat Tien
11. Outro/Lullaby

The Best of Cardin

01. Medley: I Don’t Need Your Love
02. Điều Gì Đó. Mãi Yêu Người Thôi
03. Thầm Yêu
04. Anh Cứ Hẹn
06. Cho Anh Xin Số Nhà
07. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
08. Tình Yêu Và Trái Đắng
09. Tia Nắng
10. Sẽ Mãi Mãi
11. Medley: Boney M
12. Nàng Siêu Nhân
13. Trái Tim Dại Khờ
14. Medley: Modern Talking
15. The Chase
16. It is Your Girlfriend
17. The Last Promise
18. Why Lie To Me
19. Tell Me
20. A Part Of You




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