I am back and I’m going to…

24 06 2008

Well, I’ve been taking long breaks I know >.<
I needed to clear my mind and stop thinking about college.
My last session went good.
My marks increase.
Now, I’m still looking for a job.
It’s hard to get a summer job ONLY.
At some place, they want you to work on school days too.
But I don’t want to.
I know that I’m suck at organizing in time.
Time has always been my biggest enemy.

I believe that I should do a come back eventually.
Stylish-T is still my Trish bloggie.
I stopped visiting Vietnamese news websites and forums.
So lately, I’m not pretty updated.
I’m going to add the scan of Trish 5th album that I promised months ago.
I’m going to add lyrics from that album too.
A few days ago, I received Trish poster of her 4th album.
I’m going to try to scan it.
Oh yeah, youtube has the HQ link on some videos…
I’m going to re-upload the videos by hoping that link will show up for all videos.

I know that I say that “I’m going to do this”… but just be patient.
I know that I’m a lazy girl but I’m still going to do it even it’s kinda late…




2 responses

29 06 2008

Wow Trish you have so many things on your mind! And you are so busy with many things.

31 07 2008

That’s a lot though, so don’t think you’re lazy! I have a lot of things I want to do with my sites and future projects, but I doubt I’ll get them done in one year!

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