[released] Shades of Blue

23 03 2008

1. Ice Queen
2. Kimi Ga Suki
3. Shades of Blue
4. Goodbye to Yesterday (Featuring Chosen One)

5. Dieu Gi Do
6. More We Get Together (Additional music by Trish)
7. Lucky
8. Above and Beyond
9. You’ve Broken My Heart
10. Hollow
11. Co Be Doi Hon
12. Carousel (Duet with Thai Doanh Doanh)

Credit: Trammer

Songs in italic are written by Trish. According to Trammer, the booklet is thick because it contains a calendar. “Hollow” & “Shades of Blue” are the saddest songs from the 5th album. “You’ve Broken My Heart” is the same song that Jacqueline Thuy Tram performed in Asia 31.




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