Trish updates myspace!

12 02 2008

New songs!

This is the time, Above and beyond, In my fantasy and Like no other.

I’m really surprise that you can download it… well don’t forget to buy her new album when it’s going to be released!

Also, there are new pictures from her! =D

Trish’s big update hahaha

3 pics at San Jose Tet Festival and 3 pics at the Grammy After Party. I’ll upload the pictures later for those who don’t have myspace.

with Valentine's Day Cupids at the San Jose Tet FestivalAt the San Jose Tet FestivalSan Jose Tet Festival taking photos and signing autographs

On the red carpet at the Sony/BMG Grammy After Party at the Beverly Hills Hotelwith Josh Groban in Beverly Hills, Cawith John Legend in Beverly Hills

Credit: Trish’s myspace 




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