20 01 2008

Link: www.winglin.net/fanfic/swift
Title: Swift
Genre: Action, Supernatural (Tads of romance along the way)
Poster by KaoruYumi:

Her destiny was decided once she was born.

For her, there will be no hop scotch and skipping ropes in her childhood memories.

There will be no picnics with friends and discussions about the cutest boy in school.

There will be no smile that is genuine.

That is because she was born in a family where her mother was an assassin…and they do say:

“Like mother…like daughter.”

But what happens when the person she was sent to assassinate turned out to be something not of this world? When she is introduced to a world that she could not in her dreams, believe to exist.

Swift – you would need to be swift to stay alive. Every millisecond counts.


Trish Trang aka Swift
– Young capable assassin who will do whatever it takes to complete her mission. Even chasing him back to a whole new world where nothing is as it seems.

Cardin Nguyen
– A petty thief who is scared of his own shadow but in an accidental encounter, he unknowingly saves Trish’s life and is pulled into her world.

Evan Le
– Trish’s current mission and possibly her last if she doesn’t find him before it’s too late

no1trishfan aka MoLteaser

Chapter One: New Mission
[“Help!” a voice called out, “He stole my purse!”

Trish looked in the direction that the voice was coming from and was pushed aside by a guy who sprinted pass her. She stepped back in time to let him speed by, catching a glimpse of the yellow purse that was clutched in his hand. Cowards. She hated them the most. She hated people who cannot fight their own fight and especially like that guy; stealing from an old lady. If he had stolen from someone his own age and size, that would have been acceptable but this was not.

Unable to suppress her growing annoyance of the situation, Trish smoothly extended her leg and felt the guy’s foot get caught by her ankle. In seconds, he was sprawled on the ground and had lost grip of the purse he stole.

She bent down and picked it up before his hand reached it.

“Steal from someone your own size,” she whispered as she got up.]




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