Everlasting project

18 01 2008

I am still working on the project. I am totally sorry if I could not send it to Trish in time but I guess she will be happy anyway no matter when she is going to get it. I’ve been busy due to college and once again I am truly sorry.

The design of book is 100% made by me. I don’t use brush or textures from other websites that’s why it takes me ages to finish it. Also, being a perfectionist, I like things to turn out good. So don’t expect the book to turn out crappy T^T I won’t be happy. You can ask Krazim, I always tell her about the project and how it is time consuming. She knows I am always depressed because of the project XD.
Now I am back to school and I’m going to do my best to accomplish it.

I don’t have to check back all the emails but I sent to some of you an email about your picture for the project. You sent me a picture that couldn’t fit on the page. What I meant is 1) the picture is too small; 2) the picture is edited.

Please send me back a new picture.





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