Update 07.11.10

10 11 2007

Kimi ga suki, kimi ga suki everyone can watch it now ^^ ! Yup, Asia 56 is already released, the date was confirmed (probably) 1-2 weeks ago. I didn’t want to post it up until 2 days ago because I prefer it to be 100% confirmed by the Asia staffs (in the forum) than by a phone call. Anyway, now everyone can enjoy it. I still haven’t got mine yet, I’m still waiting after my parents. When I get it, I’m going to upload the video so everyone can enjoy it. There are some videos already up on video sharing website, but I’m not going to post them since I want to do it on my own. Well here is the link if you guys are looking for. But come back here if you want to view it on S-T ^^

There are not many updates lately (I know), but I’m going to try to make it alive. I wish there are more news about Trish but it doesn’t happen very often. So it’s normal I don’t post much. On the other hands, captures, scans are often updated, so check it out. I guess I can post up the “booklet” pictures soon. Brian posted them years ago on his fansite (trisht) and now it’s my turn since the scanner is moved in my room.

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Asia 56 poster, Asia 57 poster, Merry Christmas scan, tour date




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