Trish sang Kimi Ga Suki

26 08 2007

Asia 56 is already filmed (yesterday). According to some reviews, Trish sang Kimi Ga Suki (I Love You).

From ersboom99

Trish was singing a famous song back in the 80’s and she was wearing black clothes, long with the dancers. Trish and the dancers had a cane/stick as a prop and danced with it. The song was pretty good, and the Kimina Suki part was pretty catchy. The song was mostly in English, besides Kimina Suki.

From tallnlankyrn

This was a hit song from a Japanese 80s band during the new wave time. She wore a thigh length, black tube dress with a blue tie, dancers in same outfit but in red and black, there were guy dancers too and they use canes as props. This was an average performance to me, the song didn’t really grab my attention.


The oldest version I found so far was from Optimal with the vocal of C.C. Catch. It was recorded in 1984. Listen HERE

Different versions: Ngoc Lan | Linda Trang Dai | Instrumental

Apparently, there is no Japanese version. So the original belongs to Optimal.




3 responses

13 11 2009

this is an amazing find, good research!!!

17 06 2010

who is the original singer

21 06 2010

the original artist of this song is Optimal

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