Update 07.08.21

20 08 2007

I’m sorry for the lack of updates this month.

Some programs start to die >__> especially for the rip dvd program. Anyway, I’m going to take caps as soon as I am available. Also, I’ll try my best to get those videos for you, fans of Trish!

I’m working on a post of remakes only. It talks about songs that Trish remade in her albums. I will need help of you. I’m still working on the remakes of the first album, so if you have any information about it, please reply to this post.

8/10 of the songs are remake from the first album. I completed so far “One and One”, “Once Again” and “Autumn Leaves”.

And sorry if the banner is not updated. I wanted to choose a new layout for 5 months of Stylish-T but I think it would be better to wait until next month for the half year of Stylish-T. =D

I will do my best to update as much as possible of information. It would be helpful if I get some help from people who can write Vietnamese so it could be worth for the Vietnamese people who does not understand English.

As I’m going to college (it would be my first year), it happens that I update all at the same time. My present would be rare on internet but I will make sure to get on. After all, I’m the boss of this blog, I have to take care of it.




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