Update 07.07.22

22 07 2007

Well, I might stop showing clips… (depends my mood)

You can now watch the entire performance! I uploaded lastly “All Alone” by Trish & Evan. Enjoy! The video is supposed to be HQ (but it looks LQ unfortunately…)

Also, short news, I found a program to take caps. So watch out for more caps, because Trish_Fan is back on the track!

So let’s resume what Stylish-T has posted:

All About Trish: Trish features in Chosen One’s song, Twinkle in the Sky summer clothes,
Asia News: Asia 55 poster, Announcement of Asia 56 show, 3 cds coming soon from Asia (songs from the 55th)
Files Sharing: All Alone (ripped by Trish_Fan)
Gallery: The Chase [caps by lovely Krazim]
Icons: News Icons
Project: Everlasting (please participate!)

Don’t forget to participate Everlasting! It’s very important.

I’m still looking for translators ( English-Vietnamese / Vietnamese-English ) who can help me translating some news, videos, interviews…

Let’s grow big with Trish fanbase!




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