Update 07.06.04

4 06 2007

Wooot we are in June! ^^

<<< my new avatar !

Fast update:  new banner made by Yumi-chan.

I’m busy this week. I’ll upload some videos and pictures for S-T. I guess some captures takers might post their captures too? I don’t know. I’m done with school in 2-3 weeks !!! (But there are exams before T_____________T)

I guess I will upload some videos for downloading (in a seperate section).

The project is canceled since there are not of entries. Thanks for those who take their times to participate the project, I appreciate.  The 2nd project starts now and it will last until December 2007. More informations will come soon in the future. SO YOU’D BETTER JOIN THIS PROJECT OR YOU’LL REGRET!!!


Hello cac fans cua Trish. Day la Trish_Fan! Trish_Fan khong co viet tieng viet hay… xinh thong cam ^___^ ! Trish bat dau ca hat vao nam 1997 thang 12. Nam 2007, la 10 nam cua Trish o trong “Vietnamese music business”… Stylish-T / Trish_Fan can su giup do cua het moi fans de lam mot mon qua cho Trish. Mong nhieu fans ket hop “project” nay.




2 responses

4 06 2007

whooa nice avie Diane! ahah yeah i’ll try and get some captures up sometime this week ^^ can’t wait for the 2nd project!

7 06 2007

O_O Seriously, you really need to show me those ah-mazing skills, Diane. The new avatar is hot! =D

Yeah, I’m regretting it right now. Haha, I’ll make sure to join this project. Hehe.

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