Update 07.05.06

6 05 2007

T^T Awwww Thank you girls for helping me with Stylish-T. There are a lot of things you did for me that I don’t know how to say thank you. T______T

Here’s today update:

Gallery: No Turning Back caps, Beyond The Sea caps, Middle Of No Where caps, Sukyaki caps (thank you Jeannie & Kathy)

Don’t Know Why scans and I’ll Dream of You scans (please take a look at them, but do not save them. They will be edited since they are not well resized. A BIG thanks to Nhi)

Twinkle In The Sky: you can see new products from Trish’s online store (3 new dresses and accessories)

File Sharing: 3 new video clips: My Destiny (from The Best Of Trish 1, Asia Karaoke DVD 21), Deep In My Heart (from Trish DVD Video) and Stay A While (from Trish DVD Video and Asia 40)

Asia News: Asia 54 has already been released! So go get your copy!!! (not copied dvd! buy original) Trish sang “Dieu Gi Do” from Truc Ho. It was first sung by Le Tam, the first singer who performed this song. Trish sang in the same number with Cardin & Chosen One, but they didn’t sing together. Also, she also got a little interview with MC Leyna Nguyen about how Truc Ho inspired her. The cut of the interview will be up as soon as I get the dvd.

Here are some stats:

Total Views: 4,883

Best Day Ever: 308 (May 4th, 2007)

Don’t forget to join the project!!! 




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