Trish’s “thank you” message in Siren album

28 04 2007

To my family and friends, I cherish your unconditional love and support. your continued belief in me has helped me grow in so many ways. I lvove you all!

To Asia Entertainment, especially Thy Van and Truc Ho, I thank you for making this all possible. You have been so kind to me since the beginning and I am truly grateful. I’d like to also express my deep gratitude to Anh Sy Dan, Anh Dzuong Ho, Cardin and again Anh Truc Ho for their help and creative guidance. You are tremendously gifted. I credit DJ Slim, Dinh Huan, Jacqueline Thuy Tram, Cardin, Evan, James,Spencer and Le Tam for lending their exceptional talent, voices, vibe and spirit to this album, along with An for designing my CD. You guys are the best!

Las but not least, special thanks to all my fans who continue to support and enjoy my music. You are the reason why I’m here today. Your love is deeply appreciated. Many thanks and much love!




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