Blind as a Bat in Above and Beyond!

25 04 2007

Well, let me just start off by telling you that my vision is not too good. Yes, I wear contacts and yes, I wear glasses. I am truly a nerd.

On the Saturday of the video shoot for “Above and Beyond”, I woke up super early, went to put on my contacts but realized that my contacts were completely dried inside their containers. All the solution leaked out somehow and they were my LAST PAIR. Yikes! I started to freak out! I packed all my stuff and headed out wearing my glasses.

We usually have two shows, one in the day at 1pm and one at 7pm, so Asia usually wants us there by 8AM. The only store I could think of by the theater didn’t open til 9AM. There is nothing else around the theater. When the store opened they didn’t have my perscription and said they had to order them and it would take two weeks! All along Asia was calling and calling because I was super late.

I had no choice but to perform blind. Its was really scary. I tried to be possitive and thought maybe it would be better not to see the audience. But no, vision is always a good thing. I survived but definitely didn’t feel like my best. I noticed that I was looking down a lot. But things happen and the show must go on.





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