What Fun Facts is all about

19 04 2007

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you a heads up of what fun facts is all about. It’s pretty self explanatory but I guess it’s my chance to tell you myself about all the funny things or not so funny things that I go through. Sometimes I might reveal what goes behind the scenes of making a video, an interview, dance rehearsals, recording a song or even writing a song.
You’ll just never know.

Like right now, It’s almost six in the morning but I’m still up because I just finished the lyrics for one of my new songs for my new CD. My mind is constantly thinking of melodies and lyrics especially at night. That is how I managed to write 50 songs in the past few months. They’re not all complete of course but somehow in the the middle of the night bits and pieces of lyrics and melodies come to mind until the entire song is put together like a puzzle.

One of the most rewarding feeling for me is to finish a song. So I guess I can go to bed happy right now. So good night! Or should I say good morning?





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