Update 07.04.08

8 04 2007

Finally updates no? yup! I have a week off! ^^ I hope I can update as much as I can on Stylish-T. I won’t make any new icons for right now. My graphic mood has gone since yesterday due to homeworks during my week off. A break is a break … not homeworks time T_T…

Here are the updates:

Asia News: The song list of Asia 54
Lyrics: Dieu Gi Do (Trish performed that song on Asia 54)
Tour Dates: Asia 55 with more informations

Gallery: There is no section for snapshots right now. So “all” the snapshots will be upload in summer. If you have an account on myspace, Trish uploaded 3 new pictures. You can also go Triple T Forum to view them too.

I’ll add one more video later in the day.

Want to join the Stylish-T members?
If you want to help Stylish-T come and join us! We need help from the fans!

– Fan of Trish
– Have some knowledge in HTML or learn fast (I can teach you about wordpress, but please don’t make me explain you a zillion times) (not for advertisers)
– Autonomous
– Active
– Not extra lazy (I am lazy myself but I know when to do my works)

Positions available:
– “Scans taker”
– “Captures taker”
Graphics designer
– Translator (you should know well Vietnamese and English)

About the position:
Advertisers: They are who advertise Stylish-T (without spamming)
“Scans taker”: They are those who take scans (of cds booklet, dvds,…)
“Captures taker”: They are those who take captures of Trish’s performance on Asia. (I suggest you to know how to take well captures and not randomly.)
Graphics designer: They are those who create and design the graphics. They must know how to design. PAINT is NOT a graphic program.
Translator: They are those who translate information from a language to another.
—————- Vietnamese to English
—————- English to Vietnamese

Send your information to Stylish_T@yahoo.com or PM Trish_Fan in the forum

Username on Triple T Forum:

NEW!Fan Creations
This will be the section on Stylish-T. This section is only reserved for the fans.

A R T W O R K S : Wallpapers, posters, vectors, drawings, etc. No avatars, no banners forums, no blinkies.

W R I T I N G S : Poem, Fanfiction, Songs
*if want to post up your fanfiction, you have to create an account on wordpress and you’ll be part of Stylish-T

M U S I C & V I D E O S: Singing, Videos

Submit your work at stylish_t@yahoo.com

I’ve only received 2 so far.




One response

13 04 2007

ohh i’ll be sure to send in some artwork! ^^

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