19 03 2007

Great news no? Lily & Trish_Fan are happy to put this online. We will do our best to put all the news together.
Enjoy it!

Basically, the reason Stylish-T is here just for helping the fans to read the news faster.
It’s easier to get the news without searching through many pages.

Also, if you want to comment, please create an account on wordpress (it only takes less than 5 minutes).
The reason why Trish_Fan sets this way is to avoid spam and rude comments.
Also after submitting your comment, it will be in the process of validation.

There are 2 projects that I’ll be working on (and all for Trish from her fans)

The first one is to write her a letter or an email (do not email it to her!!!). You will send it to our email or to Trish_Fan’s home address (send us an email before…). Then she’ll take care of those letters and put them in a book (like scrapbooking but with letters instead of pictures). You can also submit your pictures, but she will only accept them by mail. Her printer only prints in black & white and it doesn’t print picture well. You must send the letter before June 3rd, 2007.

The second project will last “long”. This is the year 2007. Trish has debuted her career in december 1997. So if you do some calculation, Trish has been in Asia and in Vietnamese music industry for 10 years! I decide that we should do something for her as fans. The project is still undecided, but if you have any suggestion, you can always send us an email.

More information coming soon.

>>> Trish_Fan tries to speak as the 3rd person… She is so used to the first person.




6 responses

20 03 2007

Ahhh! It’s alive! Woot!

20 03 2007

whoaa…. it alive!!!!! It works Trish_Fan

20 03 2007

I love the site Diane~!

20 03 2007

Hi Diane
Nice site *_*

9 04 2007

I can’t wait so we have to write a letter to trish and e-mail it to u guys then what i Just Joined~~

22 04 2007

Yay! I finally joined!

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