September 07th, 2005

14 02 2007

Wednesday, September 07th, 2005

Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting my website and my forum. There’s been so much going on lately, so thank you for your patience. My 4th solo CD will be released in California starting this weekend and Seattle and Texas by next week. I hope those who already have the CD really enjoy it and hopefully those who are waiting for it think it’s worth the wait. I spent so much of my time and energy on this CD and I hope you can relate to some or any of my songs. I feel that music is universal and an art form and everyone interprets it in their own way or in their unique situation. So I hope my music brings you some type of emotion or takes you away from everyday life for just a little bit. Aside from my live shows I have also been busy with Asia’s videos. I have to say that reading all your positive comments on “In my fantasy” has brought a big fat smile to my face. That’s when I realize all that hard work and lack of sleep was worth it. I am definitely lucky to have so many people who continue to support me. I want to personally thank Brian and Tram for all their hard work. Brian you did an awesome job designing this forum!!!

Until next time, thank you again!




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