Asia Fans Choice Award 2006-2007

22 12 2006

1) So what is this all about?
Asia Fans Choice Awards is a feature that is especially dedicated to our talented singers. These awards will be voted by Asia fans. If it’s successful, we will try to run this award annually

2) Will the selected singers (winners) actually get the award?
Yes & definitely! What they will get is a scrapbook with messages and pictures from their fans. (These messages will be sent to me via e-mail, or post mails). Added to that, there will be a special certificate which will be put on the first page, telling them which award they get.

As years go on, if we have sponsors, the singers might get a plaque! We’ll see!

3) How do we select winner?
For each category, please tell us your top 3 choices … RANK THEM IN ORDER. Your first choice singer will get 3 points. Your second choice singer will get 2 points. And your third choice singer will get 1 point. In the end, we will add up all the points. The singer who got the most points will be selected as the winner for that category.

60% of the points will come from the members
40% of the points will come from the admins and moderators


4) When is the deadline?
This award is very specific to each year (according to Vietnamese New Year). The voting system will be run from today to January 15th, 2007. Within 3 days, we will announce the winners. As soon as we have the winners, fans then can submit their messages, and pictures, to me via e-mail, or post mail. The deadline for this is February 1st, 2007. About 1 week later, I will send the scrapbooks to the selected singers.

This year, ASIA produced THREE videos!

ASIA 50 – Trần Thiện Thanh – Anh Không Chết Đâu Anh
ASIA 51 – Tình Khúc Sau Cuộc Chiến
ASIA 52 – Huyền Thoại Lê Mình Bằng

From these videos, please select your choice of singers for the following categories:

1) Asia Best Female Singer
2) Asia Best Male Singer
3) Asia Most Improved Singer (including male & female)
4) Asia Best Performance *** for this one – please give me the name of the song and the name of the singer (1 singer only) For example: LK Nhu Vat Nang – Nini (because she performs best)


Credits: BubbleTea from Trung Tam Asia’s forum



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