Ever After (MTV Music Video)

31 10 2006

Trish MTV Music Video Cover
1. Lovely
(music & lyrics by Michelle Tumes)

2. No Turning Back feat. Justin Nguyen
(music by Kim Gunmo & lyrics by Trish)

3. Letter From The Moon
(music by Min Ti & lyrics by Trish)

4. Without A Trace
(music by DJ Slim & lyrics by Trish)

5. Up And Down
(music& lyrics by Trish)

6. Beyond The Sea
(music by & lyrics by Charles Trenet/Jack Lawrence)

7. Lie To Me
(special apparence of Evan in the video)
(music by Trish & lyrics by Trish/Jacqueline Thuy Tram)

8. In My Fantasy
(music & lyrics by Gina T.)

9. Like No Other
(music & lyrics by Trish)

10. Middle Of Nowhere
(music & lyrics Trish)

11. Such A Girl duet with Christine Thuy Huong
(music & lyrics by Christine Thuy Huong)

12. May Lang Thang duet with Kieu Nga
(lyics by Nam Loc)

13. Thuong Anh feat. Spencer
(music & lyrics by )

14. Joe Le Taxi
(music & lyrics by Jethro Tull)

15. Too Little Too Late
(music & lyrics by Trish)

16. Tinh Thu Cua Linh
(music & lyrics by Tran Thien Thanh)

17. Ever After
(music & lyrics by Trish)

18. Trish Medley feat. Chosen;

Paper Lantern Night
(music by Truc Ho/Trish & lyrics by Trish),
Big Big World
(music & lyrics by Emilia Rydberg),
(music by Truc Ho & lyrics by Trish),
Without A Trace
(music by DJ Slim & lyrics by Trish),
Don’t Know Why
(music & lyrics by Vu Tuan Duc),
I’ll Dream Of You
(music by Trish/Truc Sinh & lyrics by Trish)

19. Trish’s crib

20. Not my day
(music & lyrics by Trish)

21. Bloopers and outtakes




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