Trish’s Memorable Moments

26 08 2006

Beautiful Sunday / Season In The Sun
This video took as long to shoot. I was on my feet and dancing in my boots for hours that my toe nails were bleeding. Months later two of my toe nails fell completely off.

Autumn Leaves
I get cold very easily and I remember freezing during this video, and plus there was a fan blowing at me. I was as cold you can see my teeh chattering while singing.
Also after shooting this video in Montreal, the French speaking people informed me that I prounounced some words wrong. When I got back to California, I had to correct my French, but it didn’t match my lip singing on the video.

Don’t Know Why
I have a lot of happy memories of this song. Mostly of little kids and adults coming up to me and singing ” Don’t know why, you always want to say goodbye”. It’s cool that they know the song and they really like it.

When I sat down to write the lyrics of this song, I kept daydreaming about a dream vacation. My mind kept wandering so I just wrote whaterver came to my mind.

My Destiny
When my mother got sick I never expected that I would lose her. I thought everything would be okay so I went about my life as usual. She fell into a coma and died before I got to say goodbye or even tell her that I loved her. I’ll regret that I took her for granted for the rest of my life and that’s where my inspiration for “My Destiny” came from.

I Love You Baby
I wrote this song for my cat. Some people won’t understand but she’d like my baby. Whenever I’m sad or anything, just seeing her makes me happy. I love ‘Hello Kitty’ and Sanrio because it reminds me of her.

I’ll Dream Of You
It’s a pretty obvious that I’m a dreamer. This song started off as a poem, but I woke up one night singing the words. In the middle of the night I saved the melody and later asked Anh Truc Sinh to help me finish the music.

From the cd the Best of Trish 1




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