Asia’s Note On Trish

26 08 2006

Since 1997, when Trish became the new, young talent at Asia Entertainment, she has captivated us with her fresh face, sweet voice and trademark smile. She has made countless videos and released two sucessful records, her debuts, “Don’t Know Why” and its follow-up, “I’ll Dream Of You” with an as of yet untitled, but much anticipated third album on its way.

From the beginning, Trish’s passion for music and singing were apparent to all that knew her. As a child growing up in Texas, she spent many of her days listening to the radio and singing along to her mother’s records. Trish later moved to California and attended UC Irvine where she continued to sing leisurely with friends and eventually performed at school talent shows. But despite her undeniable love for music, becoming a professional singer was not an initial ambition or something Trish ever envisioned for herself. That is, not until a friend convinced her to cut a demo and send it to Asia.

With no vocal training and very little singing experience, Trish headed to Asia’s studio for her very first audition without any expectations. But it was she who had surpassed all expectations. She immediately impressed Asia’s producers with her raw talent, good ear and knack for following music.

Soon after, Trish signed a deal with Asia and was well on her way, but being incredibly shy and cast the new girl took time to adjust to. She decided to approach it with the same laid-back attitude that had helped get her to where she was. With modesty and humor, mixed with her drive and creative spirit, Trish was able to push through her shyness and learn to have fun with her new found career. her debut came in Asia’s 16th video, Gia Tu 1997, with her video for the song ” One And One”. Trish had made her first mark with Asia and before she knew it she had earned the respect of her peers and started to gain a loyal fan base.

More videos would follow, as did the fans. meantime, Trish was in the recording studio full time to record her debut album. Her pursuit for perfection and endless self-criticism motivated her to try to stand apart from other young Vietnamese singers, while still maintaining her own identity. She strived to make an album that would satisfy not only her growing legion of fans, but also her harshes critic herself. Trish tried to pick a selection of songs that reflected her eclectic musical style. She also wrote lyrics that would represent the different levels of her personality. Her peotry and song-writing became her forms of release whenever she was engulfed in deep emotion. Her first album, entitled “Don’t Know Why”, was released and it establised Trish as Asia’s new rising star.

Following the success of her album, Trish had gained the confidence and motivation she needed to pursue her career full time. When she wasn’t shooting a video or in the recording studio, she was traveling all over the country promoting her album and performing live. With each performance, Trish reached a new level of comfort and satisfaction, especially when meeting her fans. She was thrilled with the postiive responses she was receiving and embraced the idea that people were tryly feeling impacted by her music. She became even more committed to raising her talent level in every respect to keep her new fans satisfied.

Trish was determined to make her second album exceed her first creatively and musically. In order for it to be a better reflection of her personality and growth as a musician, she wrote her own music for some of the tracks. She turned many of her experiences into subjects for her songs and took extra care in the production of her album. Fans wated patiently. In august of 2000 they were not disppointed when the album was finally released. The response was overwhelming and Trish was a bona fide hit. She was encoraged to follow a similar formular for her next album, which she is currently working on. She has decided to take her time with it and write as many songs as she can.

As Trish matures, so does her talent. Her early passion for music brought her to Asia. Her drive and commitment helped raise her to the top. And there is no doubt that her tireless drive toward perfection will keep her there.

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