Waiting For You

24 08 2006

I’ll be patient… I’ll be okay.
Living my life… my way each day.
Taking it easy… taking it real slow.
I know there’re so much things I’ll never know.

I don’t worry… when I’m alone.
People come and…people they go.
One day I’ll have you… with me you’ll always stay.
Until it happens this I will say.

I’m just waiting… for you.
One day you will come for me.
You’re my one and only.
You and me… out of the blue.
Until then, I’ll be waiting for you.

I know one day… you’ll come around.
Not a single… doubt in my mind.
I can’t explain it…it’s just my point of view.
I’ll just be waiting… waiting for you.

Just one look and…I’ll know it’s true.
No hesitations… you’ll feel it too.
Just let it happen… there’s no need to rush.
Can’t hurry love cause… this I know much.




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