Such A Girl

24 08 2006

I keep thinking of him, every night I can see.
When he’s smiling so bright, I know it’s just for me.
All my friends tell me this. I should say how I feel.
That he’s perfect for me and this love is for real.

This picture in my mind, of him and I combined
In my dreams he’ll always remain.

I’m such a girl and I live in my world with this guy that I
Imagine will one day to be mine and I know. I’m such a girl
And I hope he’ll come around and convey how he feels
And I’m wishing someday that he’ll see. I’m such a girl…

If I give him this note. Speaking straight from my heart.
Could this give me a chance, is this where our love will start.

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

Who can stop wishing, my heart keeps racing.
Just from the though of him looking my way.
Pretty white flowers, under a rainbow.
I wish someday he’ll be holding my hand

Repeat chorus 2x




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