Some Girls

24 08 2006

Till tonight I’ve been living,
In your cold dark world.
Silly dreams that last forever,
I guess I should have known.
But how was I supposed to know,
You were my innocent first love.
I held nothing back for you,
But in return I’m losing you.

I know some girls have it all,
Found their one true love.
But I’m left with a broken heart.
Some girls are like me,
Some have it all.

I’ve been saying to myself,
Someday you will see,
That you mean the world to me,
And we were meant to be.
I guess I should have known,
And moved on with my life.
Instead of spending all my time
Pretending you’re the one.


I want to know what love is all about.
I want my life before you.

Repeat chorus




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