Seal It Forever

24 08 2006

Verse 1
Can I find the words to say
How I feel tonight
We always change
We can turn the time
Just look at me
I’m so scared
Would you be here
If I was sad, would you do?

I wanna be your guiding light
I wanna stay right by your side and
Seal it forever with love
I wanna say how much I care
Wanna tell you I’ll be there
And seal it forever with love

Verse 2
Will you let me down someday
With a heart that burned
I call on you
We must live and learn
Just look at me
I love you
I still believe in what we do
I count on you

Repeat chorus

Repeat in alternation:
(wanna be your guiding light)
(seal it forever)

Baby I know that you matter in my eyes
A long time I was wondering why
Maybe I was foolish and child
But now I know that’s true love
Love I can deny it

Repeat in alternation
(wanna be your guiding light)
(seal it forever)

Now my life is in your hands
Seal it forever

Repeat chorus

Repeat in alternation




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