Only Time Will Tell

24 08 2006

Chorus 1
Only time will tell the way that it goes.
You just never know the way it flows
Whether we will see another day.
I know I’ll survive the games that you play.

Verse 1
I lived inside your empty walls.
You took my soul you took it all.
I never dreamed that you would be.
So torn apart in misery.
But I’m strong, stronger than you know.
And I’ve learned, learned to let you go.

Repeat chorus 1

Chorus 2
All my dreams are blowing into the wind.
I just got to find my wings again.
Life is full of endless mysteries.
Only time will tell the way it’ll be.

Verse 2
The little girl you’d always see.
Is just a distant memory.
You left me hanging by a string.
But I let go and now I’m free.
On my way, to a different place.
Gotta face, face another day.

Repeat chorus 1 & 2




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