If You Wanna Be My Love

24 08 2006

If you wanna be my love. (I wanna be your star)
Boy come on and let me just know you need me too.
Come on and show me that you really want me.
Yeah, we’ll be so happy together yeah, yeah.
On and on I’ll give you all my love.

I know you try and hide the way you feel,
But you’re not fooling me.
I know you try to act tough to show your friends
You’re not soft, but you’re just fooling yourself.
There’s no denying that this love is true
The way I feel around you.
I know you’re feeling it too so come and tell me
The truth there’s nothing left here to say.

Repeat chorus

I can see you staring back at me,
But yet you wait to move.
It’s so simple you see I’ll give you all that you need.
Oh boy if you only knew.

Repeat chorus

On and on I’ll show you my love.
But if you wanna be the one in my life
And if you wanna be the sun in my sky.
Boy you got to be the one to let me know.
And show if it’s me you wanna hold.
So what are you feeling in your heart.
‘Cause baby, I wanna be your star.

Repeat chorus




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