If You Only Knew

24 08 2006

Look into my eyes
Why are you blind to what is clear
All that I need simple to see
But you turn cold and I turn weak

Words in the night don’t come out right
Now that you think I’m so unkind
I don’t know when, how it began
But I know I can’t stand this pain

Cause if you only knew,
For you, all that I’d do
I’d give it all away,
To have you in my life always

Lost feeling unsure
Everything flashes in a blur
Trying to smile, so in denial
All of this time will be worthwhile

Passing the time, nothing seems right
I walk around with my head up high
Hanging with friends, time and again
Waiting for all of this to end

Repeat chorus
But if you only knew

It so hard to express how I feel
I could never find the words to say
How much I love you one day I hope you see

Darling I wish I could erase, this pain I have just won’t go away

Repeat chorus
But if you only knew

If you only knew 4x




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