I Never Thought

24 08 2006

Verse 1
Just an ordinary day
Started out the same old way
But when I looked into your eyes
Right then I knew
I found the one

Verse 2
When I saw you smile at me
I felt the quivering though my knees
All along I knew someday
I’d give my heart to someone just like you

Pre Chorus
Baby, everyday has always been the same thing
Till you came along
Now it’s amazing
What a pleasant change
A thousand words I still can’t explain

I never thought I’d be in love, in love like this
I never thought I’d be a fool just for one kiss
I never thought that I’d be here with someone like you
Never thought that I would be in love the way that I do

Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus

Here I am still around and wondering
How did I make it without you
Like a fairy tale that has just came true
I’m so in love with you

Repeat Chorus




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