24 08 2006

He’s so fine gonna make him mine for eternity.
Oh the way that he makes me feel it melts my heart away.
I can see him and me at the end of the day,
Watching the sun as it fades.
He’ll be my paradise when my life’s dull and gray.
Sweeps me up and takes me away.

Chorus 1
Everyday that passes by.
Him and me such a joy I see it now.
How can my love ever die?
Only he is for me.
Oh I know that I love him so.

How divine as the summer skies. He’s a dream to me.
Sweet as honey and eyes that takes me to a fantasy.
I can see him and me in the night as we lay.
Wishing on the stars that we gaze.
Anytime in my life when I’m lost and afraid.
Holds me tight and makes me feel safe.

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Everyday in paradise. I’ll be him and me someday, somehow.
Having my love by my side. Say it’s true, he’ll be true.
He’s the only one I love.

(Spoken) Listen up baby, it’s about you and me.
I want you completely yeah you’ll see.
Been awhile since you met my eyes and then we stared and smiled.
In your head and in your mind, just close your eyes,
I’ll be your paradise.

Repeat Chorus 1 & 2
Oh I know that I love him so. Everyday!




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