Ever After

24 08 2006

In the clouds, flying high soaring
As the sun says her goodbyes.
All the colors blending into one,
It’s just like heavens how I feel inside.
And now at peace and worlds away
From that person I was yesterday.
You complete a part that’s hard to
Find that I’ve been searching for all my life

My ever after, you’re all I’ve ever wanted.
Starting from today now until always.
My love is everlasting.
You’re all that I’ve imagine
How love’s supposed to be.
Forever you and me.

So take my hand and hold on tight
As we begin this journey side by side.
And disappear into the golden sun.
It’s not the end, this story’s just begun.

As chapters close and then begins there’s
So much more that life has yet to bring.
Through the worst and through the best of
Times you’re all I need to get me by.

From now until for all eternity.
You will always be my everything




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