Don’t Know Why

24 08 2006

Don’t Know Why

Verse 1
Don’t know why,
You always want to say goodbye.
I guess you’re seeing someone new.
If it’s true, oh baby please
Don’t try to hide your feelings.
I will try to learn,
To live with all this pain I feel inside.

Give our love another try,
Before you turn and walk away.
‘Cause my love for you,
Is still in my heart.
You may haven’t seen it all,
What I feel’s deep within my soul.
I just want you to know,
So please don’t let me go.

Verse 2
Don’t know why,
You always want to make me cry.
And take away all we’ve shared.
Baby please, why don’t you try to think it over.
Life without you now,
Is not the same ‘cause I’m still loving you…

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 2




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