Day Dream

24 08 2006

Verse 1
All I want is change.
Excitement something new.
Everyday the same.
I long to get away.
Take me to a place.
That I have never been.
Where I can escape and paradise begins.

I close my eyes.
And everything’s all right.
All that I need.
Is only in my dreams.
All I do is daydream.
Hoping, wishing, waiting.
Waiting for my life to change.
Everything is fading.
Give me, save me, take me.
Take me to my fantasy.

Verse 2
Here I am again.
In darkness when I wake.
Will this ever end.
This life that’s dull and gray.
In my fairytale, is where I want to stay.
My reality, is driving me insane.

Repeat Chorus




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